Sunday, June 21, 2009

Its great to connect


The idea of being able to connect with you is thrilling. I am a persistent communicator and hence I am sure although I may not start with a bang I will surely not leave without an impact.

This technology is new to me. I am learning.

This is a search for the lost community which was actually never there.

A glass mirror has always shown a foggy me to myself. This is a search for an honest mirror.

Write back unhesitatingly. No word limits! Something for every blog visitor. Something exclusively for my limited reading.

It is a Sunday night. It was a busy day today. Yesterday was a heavy day too. I have two more hours of work to do before I hit the sack. Trying to build up MSW curriculum, research, field work, etc etc etc with a whole new team of young faculty members in a tranquil place in the south.

I want to bring to you the translations of my Marathi stories one by one.

The good news is that a new edition of my second collection of short stories 'Sati' (Majestic publications) is coming out soon. The 3rd collection of short stories 'Kunachya Khandyavar' will be published by Granthayan in July. It got delayed as I did not submit the foreword and the dedication page in time.



Vivek Patwardhan said...

Dear Dr. Patkar,
It is indeed great to connect with you, and I am very happy that you invited me to your blog.
My best wishes and I assure that I will be a regular reader.
Why keep it as a private blog? Your views should be available to public, your experience is unique!

Thanks again,

Vivek Patwardhan

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Dear Dr. Patkar,
You can post even marathi articles/ stories. Blogspot allows you to write marathi on your blog.